1. Some choice pics from the final edit of our engagement photo shoot, taken by the talented Molly Geiger at the Boston Public Library. I love how they turned out. Also, now we have pictures of us as a couple that aren’t taken in dive-bars or camping, so hey! 

    1. meltedchandelier said: You guys are adorable! Congrats! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics
    2. healthscireflib said: So cute! Congrats!
    3. abigaileisley said: so cuuuuute!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. parliament-of-owls said: these are remarkable, & you guys look so great & happy.
    5. rustbeltjessie said: Y’all are beautiful!
    6. lindenbaeume said: utterly fantastic. congratulations to you both!
    7. pedanticignoramus said: Congrats. These are adorable!
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      These are beautiful! Love ‘em Sam!
    9. annarverold said: Oh my God. SO FUCKING CUTE!!!!! :D
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